Free at Last 2015 Box Hill Graphic Design Graduate Exhibition

Exhibition Opening
Exhibition Opening at Gasworks

Welcome to “Free at Last” – The 2015 Box Hill Institute Graphic Design Graduate Exhibition

The title of the exhibition leaves it open for me to deliver a few ‘Dad Jokes.’

In Feb 2014 we were delivered a truckload of suspicious, guilty-looking offenders – 32 of them in fact. Many failed to hang in there, withered and dropped off along the way.
The remaining were incarcerated at BH Graphic ‘Detention Centre’ for a 2 year stretch. The evidence presented, I think you’ll agree, is clear – they are guilty of producing some great work. They are the last group to serve this Trimester-based fast track 2 year sentence. I hope they are ready to re-enter society to make a contribution to the greater good?

Hopefully they will not commit any more typographic crimes – widows, orphans or bad kerning; or fail to use a grid or adjust margins from the default 12.7mm. Graphic Design is not just making pretty pictures. It’s an important, influential form of communication. Type is important. Continue to work on your weaknesses as well as hone your strengths. Industry want well rounded designers. Be critical and self correcting. Industry don’t want to spend their day fixing your work. Near enough is not good enough. Mistakes cost money. Overall the industry feedback was positive and the standard of work is very high.

I hope your transfer to a minimum security facility goes smoothly. And when you’re eventually released, someone meets you outside the gates.

Thank You to:

All the Industry Sponsors and Supporters

The Gasworks Staff, Tracey McIrvine, Mary, Anthony, Josh and Sarah

Head of School, Colin Hardie – for your support, here tonight

Programs Manager, Nicol Booth – who took over from Ben Fitzgerald earlier this year. A great job, also here tonight

Mitch Lang and Andrew Robinson – Our Arts Technician

Chris De Figeuro – from Student Life
, for all your behind the scenes work and support.

Phil Mikelmore – from Student Support

, for all those hallway chats.

The Teachers
, for her passion and efforts above and beyond the call of duty. Our work placement coordinator – a huge job and so important to our course.

Debbie for her bluntness, honesty and commitment. She infiltrates the group and finds out the student issues and helps me deal with them.

Stan for his calm, clear vision and brilliant technical knowledge.

And the Sessional Staff – Dimitra, Karl, Christine and Mitch – who’ve all helped out this year.

And finally the inmates, sorry, students. Thanks for all your efforts.

I hope you enjoy the night and appreciate the exhibition.


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